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Corporate Finance

Selling your business in general is a once-only, rather complicated and above all fundamental event. Having excellent support as to this is invaluable. Our Corporate Finance team offers you a team of specialists who are able to guide you through the entire acquisition process. Our professionals establish contact with strategic buyers or investors. They support you in case of a management buyout (MBO) or management buyin (MBI). And are right beside you until the transfer of shares has taken place.

Corporate Finance is happy to assist you when buying or investing in companies. Combining our valuation expertise with a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach of transactions, we offer an independent position on financial strategic level.


Transaction Services

We offer assistance during the whole process of buying or selling, from developing the optimal strategy right throughout delivering the expected value. As such we draft profiles and an extensive Information Memorandum, take care of non-disclosure agreements and partake in negotiations. In the case a buyer or desirable target is not found directly we carry out a search to identify and prioritize potential buyers or sellers. We map the market, approach possible candidates (anonymously) and execute the first exploratory talks. In case of a mutual match, we take care of the presentation of the business, based on numbers, figures and market position and guide the contacts throughout the process until the actual purchase agreement. You can rely on us. From start to finish.


Specific Valuation Issues

Valuation is a complicated process which demands a profound knowledge of the market, the circumstances and the approach to be followed. The reasons for a valuation might be diverse. In most cases however a business transition, acquisition or sale will be the direct cause. Moreover valuation can be of great importance in disputes between shareholders. It also plays a major role when staff or management participation is involved - whether or not partly - or when a partly co-ownership by the next generation is being considered. Or, for example, when examining a fiscal structure.

Our Corporate Finance Team

Martijn Dekker

Corporate Finance Partner


Willem van Doorn

Corporate Finance Advisor