Diederik Hauser

Tax partner

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  • diederik.hauser@AndersenTaxLegal.nl

  • Working location: 's-Hertogenbosch

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It´s my passion to optimize the tax position of companies and entrepreneurs in a creative fashion. By walking the extra mile and look into a case just one more time from another perspective I manage to come up with a high quality tax solution which perfectly fits into the business model and can be implemented in a practical way – eureka! This perfectly suits the ambitious, efficient and entrepreneurial atmosphere of Andersen Tax & Legal – just not so standard – which brings a lot of energy!

My expertise lies in the field of among others tax planning in relation to international and national (re)structurings, M&A, private equity, transfer pricing, innovation box and obtaining ATR´s and APA´s with the Dutch tax authorities. I really like to cooperate with start-ups, other entrepreneurs as well as multinationals.