Martijn Dekker

Corporate Finance Partner

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  • Working location: 's-Hertogenbosch

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Finance follows strategy. The combination between a clear strategy and the following  financial foundations form the heart of my activities: mergers & acquisitions. As a merger & acquisition consultant, I am with Andersen Tax & Legal in the Netherlands.

After working for several years for a Dutch M&A Boutique, I joined Andersen Tax & Legal in 2015 as a managing partner for the service line Corporate Finance. The pragmatic setting, no-nonsense attitude and drive for results are an excellent environment to flourish in mergers & acquisitions.

Together with the Corporate Finance team we guide the buy- and sell process of companies. Besides thorough analysis we present qualitative documents that will help during the process. More important, we scan the market for the right buyer or succeed in identifying the perfect missing link for those companies that seek growth by acquisitions.

I hold an MBA from Tias Nimbas / university of Bradford and completed the study Business Valuation at the Rotterdam school of Management. In addition I graduated as juridical expert in Leiden. Besides merger & acquisitions I am qualified to advise in the area of business valuation. Might be useful if the investment, purchase or selling is not as faultless as expected.