Ralph Mulkens

Notary Partner

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  • ralph.mulkens@AndersenTaxLegal.nl

  • Working location: Amsterdam

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I studied at the Utrecht University and graduated with a specialization in Corporate Law, and more specifically in M&A and restructuring. Since 2002 I worked at several law firms and was appointed as civil law notary in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 2016. 

I am specialised in (international) corporate governance, restructuring, M&A and capital markets (equity as well as debt). My expertise, gained through more than 15 years of experience, enables me to interact with and provide services to clients on a highly strategical level, characterized by quality and value creation in combination with providing pragmatic solutions. 

As head of Andersen's legal division, I focus on the coordination of transactions where I also advise from legal, strategical and financial perspectives. A substantial part of my practice consists of international transactions, reflecting my extensive experience in (international) corporate restructurings, joint ventures and management buy-outs as well as the financing thereof. 

I like to be concise about Andersen Tax & Legal: we are an organization with an impact across the world, which provides a great diversity of interesting clients and cases. Serving our clients on a qualitatively high level is our main focus, allowing us to contribute to give Andersen Tax & Legal the competitive edge.