Robbert Ros

Senior Notary Associate

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  • Working location: 's-Hertogenbosch, Amsterdam

I started my university years studying economics and switched to tax and notarial law after two years. Once I obtained my master degree, I continued with several post academic degrees, specialising specifically in corporate law. I started working at a large international law firm where I succeeded in applying and further developing my broad know-how in law and tax for over ten years. My fields of expertise comprise of M&A, financial law, international corporate governance and corporate law. 

My client portfolio consists of a wide variety of market participants, such as multinationals, private equity, banks, financial institutions, SME's and venture capital. My clients operate in all kinds of sectors, such as electronics, media, healthcare, investments, capital markets and IT/ICT. 

The diversity of my background enables me to advise clients in financial, tax and legal matters while accounting for the supervisory and management related aspects. This leads to tailored strategical consulting, and with that to efficiency and value creation. I strive to understand my clients, assist them in finding solutions. Drawing on my expertise, I know how to do this and provide my services on that basis. 

I have chosen for Andersen Tax & Legal for the following simple reasons: great people to work with and great clients to work for, both combined with a great company to work at.