Ruben van Aarle


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  • Working location: 's-Hertogenbosch, Amsterdam

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After studying tax law at Tilburg University I started my professional career in 1998 as a tax lawyer at Arthur Andersen, the Dutch business of which merged into Deloitte in 2002. Until 2005 I worked at Deloitte as a member of the corporate & international tax law practice group. Since 2005 we started Taxperience, now Andersen Tax & Legal. 

I advise companies ranging from start-ups (mostly Internet, IT and technology-driven) to internationally active SMEs and publicly traded corporations. As a tax lawyer and as entrepreneur I advise with an out-of-the-box 'mentality, with a focus on direct taxation, specifically relating to tax planning, mergers & acquisitions, restructuring operations, finance structures, transfer pricing and cross-border employment

The way of working within Andersen Tax & Legal equals the best client service and best-in-class mindset! Andersen Tax & Legal not only resolve customer questions knowledgeable, but provides particular added value to a different way of thinking, creativity, and (also) entrepreneurship, where innovation, new partnerships and additional efforts are considered quite normal. Whatever it takes. We do what counts.